ECM Portable Charging Table

Portable Charging Table

Perfect for smaller areas

  • Lightweight – 20 pounds
  • 4 charging cords with all three connections
  • 1 wireless charging pad
  • Optional battery power
  • Custom branding
High Top Charging Table

High-Top Charging Table

Our most popular charging station rental

  • Charges 21 devices
  • 9 Charging Cables
  • 3 Wireless Pads
  • 6 USB ports
  • 3 A/C outlets
  • Custom Branding
Branded Digital Charging Station

Digital Charging Station

Our OOH network station

  • 43″ LED Screen
  • 6 Charging cords
  • Full HD Content
  • Custom Branding


Use real-time data to track campaign performance

Data Graphic


Measure Impressions To Calculate Media Exposure & Reach

Data Graphic


Determine impression frequency and understand the number of times traffic has been exposed to the same message.



The average consumer charges their phone and interacts with our commercial cell phone charging stations for 10-15 minutes; longer than any other OOH/DOOH medium.

Data Graphic


Measure how many consumers visit a website, tweet a hashtag, download an app, or connect to WiFi for an offer.