Coffee Charging

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Our Coffee Charging Table

The Coffee Charging Table is an excellent addition to any lounge or waiting area. It allows customers to stay connected and charged while enjoying their coffee or waiting for an appointment. With its 9 charging cords, 6 USB ports, and 3 A/C outlets, this table is a must-have for businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction.

Coffee Charging Table

Our Coffee Charging Table provides the power and connection you need to enhance your customer’s experiences just like our High Top Charging Table, but on a lower scale. The tables are great for lounge seating, allowing the consumers to sit comfortably and still charge their phones.

How It Works

Our charging tables allow you to stay up to date with current technology trends. The table comes with 9 charging cords, 6 USB ports, and 3 A/C outlets for other devices. All tables plug into a standard A/C outlet or an optional portable power supply.

Our Impressive Portfolio of Projects

With the ability to charge multiple devices at once and its compact design, the Coffee Charging Table is the perfect solution for small spaces that need to accommodate a high volume of customers.