Mall advertising is advertising displays that are placed inside shopping malls. Advertise your brand in malls with cell phone charging tables in over 150 markets. In most communities, it is by far the single most visited public place, drawing a total of over 3 billion visitors annually. Shopping mall advertising is a great way to increase your brands exposure and ECM has worked in partnership with malls to position charging tables, charging towers and digital signage at key locations inside the malls.


High top wireless charging tables are located high in traffic areas such as food courts, child play areas and soft seating areas. Many are grouped together, and some are set alone. Charging towers and digital signage charging stations are located in entrances and soft seating areas.


Mall advertising can put your message in front of consumers from all walks of life and provide a free service as they head to popular retail destinations for shopping, entertainment and dining.


Today’s malls are busy and upscale advertising environments full of excellent opportunities to make contact with your target audience. 

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    ECM’s out-of-home advertising solutions allow companies to promote products through a network of device charging stations. Placed in high trafficked venues, including restaurants, bars, shopping malls, stadiums, casinos and airports to get your charge on!