ECM Bar Media
Size: 28″ X  21″
Weight: 20 pounds
Electrical: 110v
Charging: 5w/2.4A
Internet Connection: Our Bar Media cloud based content management requires internet access via the venue’s Wi-Fi or ethernet service.

Bar Media – A Wall Mounted Phone Charging Station with HD Multimedia Advertising

The FREE phone charging solution for bars, restaurants and venues!!

This wall mounted courtesy phone charging station is both sturdy and stylish and features a compact and slim design that serves as a modern advertising display tool that will make bars come to life in a practical way. Having a charging station available to guests increases dwell time at your venue.

Included With Each Unit:

  • 30 seconds of advertising time
  • Eliminate hassle to staff
  • Keep guests longer
  • Free charging station decals for promoting service inside your venue

21” LED screen displays:

  • Static artwork
  • Brand messages
  • Multi-media content for a powerful advertising platform that customers will view while charging their phones.

Cable configuration includes (8) braided nylon cable accessories compatible with Micro-USB, Apple Lighting and USB-C devices.

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ECM’s out-of-home advertising solutions allow companies to promote products through a network of device charging stations placed in high trafficked venues, including restaurants, bars, shopping malls, stadiums, casinos, airports, you name it!