Package delivery
Notification Branding

Power Up Your Brand by sponsoring the email and app notifications that alert consumers of their package delivery.

7000 Class A apartment locations

Package Lockers are available at over 7000 Class A apartment building locations across the United States.



ECM partner’s have facilitated the   direct-to-consumer delivery of  over    300   million   packages  for   some   of the most    upscale  and   frequent   eCommerce   shoppers    in   the nation. Every  one   of those   deliveries requires   digital messaging   and  interaction   with   millions   of   multifamily residential  consumers.


Each of these has a 99.2% open rate.



Additional delivery lockers are available in over 200 college campus locations.



Add to your message with product sampling. We can now place your product, coupon, give away in a locker for residents to sample.

Additional Information

If you’re interested in learning more about advertising on package delivery lockers, please let us know and we would be happy to schedule a call to discuss your goals and how we can best work together.

CS Number

Friendly name and CS number must remain on the hub or be recreated within the artwork and be clearly readable.

Offensive Material

No alcohol, firearms, cigarettes, drugs or offensive material.


All artwork must be reviewed and approved to ensure quality and compliance.

Locker Branding Request

ECM’s out-of-home advertising solutions allow companies to promote products through a network of package delivery lockers placed in high-traffic class A apartment buildings!

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