Sequential QR Codes

Make an Impact and Measure Outcomes

A Revolutionary QR Code

This new QR Code triggers from any screen, linear and streaming TV, dOOH, any shelf display, and any surface; soda cans, and cereal boxes. Any package works with geo-targeting.


Sequential QR Code - SQR

The Sequential QR Code (SQR code) is a versatile tool that can be integrated into various types of content. It creates a unique brand identity and delivers personalized offers, shoppable items, and timely information to mobile devices. It also allows for convenient saving to Apple Pay and Google Pay, ensuring a seamless and secure purchasing experience. By leveraging geolocation, the SQR code can dynamically display different information based on the user’s location. This results in a tailored and relevant experience for consumers with every scan of the SQR code.

Scan Multiple Times and Experience the Magic of SQR.

Sequential QR Code SQR Code
Sequential QR Code SQR Code


One-Screen – Watch an advertisement and save an offer directly to your wallet without ever leaving content. This solution elicits an immediate response through its data-driven capabilities.


Audio Triggers – Through Audio Triggers, consumers can instantly shop any TV, radio, venue, and retail environment, ultimately extending new touchpoints to the shopper while tracking each interaction to gain measurable insights.


Digital Wallet – Allow users to store offers, save items, content, and prizes on their device using Apple Wallet, Google Pay, or a custom branded Wallet



Geo-Fencing – Create a virtual boundary around a set of locations that inspires consumers to interact by reaching their devices with a targeted message when they come within proximity of a designated location.


Bluetooth Beacons – Utilize Bluetooth Beacons within any retail environment to guide shoppers around a store and to strategically influence consumers to engage with featured products.


Auto -Mode – All of our trigger technologies work in the background, so when a user is checking social media, email or anything else, our tech will work and detect in the background.



SQR Features

Interactive Ads – Transactional Advertising solution allows ads to be bundled with targeted digital offers that can be inserted into an Apple, Google, or a branded wallet, providing advertisers with valuable real estate in the consumer’s mobile wallet, measuring the path to purchase.


Shoppable Content – Shop While You Watch functionality enables consumers to shop highlighted products in-show across any device. This inspires viewers to shop at the most inclined time, providing brands and sponsors with a new way to generate incremental revenue from interactive product placements.


Increase Retail footfall traffic by delivering location-based personalized offers to shoppers’ mobile devices that reward them for interacting with their favorite brands.





Drive incremental revenue by making content and advertisements instantly interactive, shoppable, and data-driven, ultimately closing the sales loop to prove media marketing attribution.



Make radio transactional by bundling contextual offers to ads, podcasts, and songs, allowing broadcasters to reach the right person with the right message, at the right time. This drives additional revenues and unique consumer insights.